Roman Belousov, PhD
Research Officer
First-passage fingerprints on the back cover!

In the background of virtual teaching and conferencing, our story on the first-passage fingerprints of diffusive dynamics has been featured on the back cover of Soft Matter 16, 2020.

Back cover of Soft Matter 16, 2020

Showcasing research from Professor Roldán’s and Professor Hassanali’s laboratories, ICTP – The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.

First-passage fingerprints of water diffusion near glutamine surfaces

First-passage time statistics of water molecules carries information about their interaction with proteins. This information allows the reconstruction of water’s space-dependent mobility near protein surfaces, through a synergy of molecular dynamics and stochastic theory. The picture illustrates the fluctuating motion (yellow trajectory) of a single water molecule and the time elapsed (clock) for the molecule to reach a crystalline surface.